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GitHub Codespaces

Open in GitHub Codespaces

The easiest way for you to follow along during the workshop is to login to GitHub, fork this repository, and start a GitHub Codespace. This will give you a clean development environment that you can access in a browser, or remotely through VSCode. That way you don't have to worry about downloading and installing dependencies, or risk running into problems with those dependencies on your computer.

I don't think you should see any cost billed to you by GitHub for the use of codespaces during this workshop as you get up to 60 hours free/month. If you exceed your monthly credit, it would still be a very small amount of money to use codespaces for this workshop. A quick calculation shows a potential cost of only ~$0.85 based on 4 hours total usage.


Optionally, you can spin up a copy of the exact same environment you get with GitHub Codespaces on your local machine using VSCode and Microsoft's Dev Containers extension. You will need to have a container runtime installed like Docker, Podman, or containerd.


While I'm unable to assist in the limited time available during the workshop, you can install all the dependencies directly on your computer or a virtual machine. They include:

  • PowerShell 5.1 or greater
  • Python 3.11 or thereabouts
  • Python package installer (pip)

I believe with these dependencies in place, you should be able to run ./build.ps1 -Task Init -Bootstrap and the build script will install and run the PSDepend module from PSGallery which will install the remaining prerequisites described in the requirements.psd1 and requirements.txt files.