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Material for MkDocs

Material for MkDocs logo

The only theme I ever use with MkDocs is Material for MkDocs. The repository owner and primary contributor, Martin Donath (@squidfunk), has managed to build a sustainable open-source project and the theme is widely recognized as one of, if not the best themes available in the MkDocs ecosystem.

More themes

Screenshot of MkDocs catalog repo

While I have my personal favorite, there are a bunch of themes for MkDocs! Many of them are listed in a catalog on GitHub. Run the following command to install a few to try out with this project:

pip install mkdocs-terminal mkdocs-dracula-theme mkdocs-simple-blog

Now you can specify what theme to use when rendering your site by editing mkdocs.yml:

site_name: My Docs
  name: dracula # Options: mkdocs | readthedocs | material | terminal | dracula | simple-blog