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Screenshot of PowerShell terminal with the output of Find-DadJoke

The structure of this module and repository was scaffolded using PSStucco by Jimmy Briggs, who forked and improved upon the original Stucco module by Brandon Olin. The Stucco module is a Plaster Template and if you haven't heard of Plaster yet, you might enjoy reading about it. It's a great little PowerShell framework which enables you to create flexible templates using an XML document.


Sample Module

There is a functional DadJokes module in this repository. You can import it directly with Import-Module docs-workshop/docs-workshop.psd1, or you can "build" the module by running ./build.ps1.

Screenshot of PowerShell terminal with the output of Find-DadJoke

Files and Folders

Path Description
.cache/ Temporary files when using certain MkDocs plugins as well as a place to cache the dotnet CLI.
.config/dotnet-tools.json Configuration file for the dotnet CLI used with dotnet tool restore to install the NerdbankGitVersioning tool.
.devcontainer/ Optional (recommended) devcontainer configuration for this workshop. Use the devcontainer locally, or using GitHub codespaces.
.github/workflows Workflow files describing when and how GitHub Actions should build the module and documentation.
.vscode/ VSCode configuration files to help normalize the development environment between different users and machines.
docs/ Source folder for markdown files and assets to be rendered into a static website.
docs-workshop/ Contains the source for a sample DadJokes module.
Output/ When running build.ps1, the "compiled" PowerShell module will be placed here.
sandbox/ An empty folder used as a sandbox for following along during the workshop. Have fun and experiment!
tests/ Pester tests go here. There are a few, but it was not a priority for this workshop.
.gitattributes Helps ensure line endings don't become a never-ending source of senseless commits.
.gitignore Prevents git from detecting changes in folders like .cache/ and Output/.
.markdownlint.json Rules used with the markdownlint VSCode extension. There are certain default markdown linting rules I want to modify/ignore.
build.ps1 Intended as the entrypoint for all build and CI/CD tasks whether it is being executed by a developer or by the pipeline. This ensures the environment is ready to build before invoking psake.
mkdocs.yml MkDocs configuration file. Describes the site to be built, and the theme, plugins, configuration, and options unique to this project.
psakeFile.ps1 Called by build.ps1 using the psake module. Contains build configuration and tasks used for initializing, building, testing, and generating documentatation.
PSScriptAnalyzerSettings.psd1 Used to configure PSScriptAnalyzer to limit nuissance warnings.
requirements.psd1 Describes dependencies that the PSDepend module should ensure are in place before performing a build.
requirements.txt Describes Python requirements installed with the pip CLI.
run.ps1 A simple script to use as an entrypoint for interactive debugging.
version.json The configuration file used by the Nerdbank.GitVersioning dotnet tool. It describes how the module version is determined based on the git commit height.

Additional modules and tools

Additional modules and tools used in this repository include:

Module Purpose
BuildHelpers Initializes a collection of useful environment variables prefixed with "BH" used during builds
dotnet CLI The dotnet CLI is used to install and use the Nerdbank.GitVersioning CLI.
GitHub Besides version control and ease of collaboration, it also provides codespaces and build automation.
Material for MkDocs My prefered MkDocs theme for pretty much anything.
MkDocs The python-based static site generator tool used to build a static website from markdown files.
Pester The defacto standard testing framework for PowerShell
PlatyPS Creates/Updates markdown files based on PowerShell command documentation returned by Get-Help
PowerShellBuild Includes a collection of common psake tasks I use in a variety of PowerShell projects for CI/CD
psake A great way to define and run build tasks
PSDepend Uses requirements.psd1 to help bootstrap environment for development or CI/CD
VSCode Kind of the bees knees when it comes to code editing in PowerShell and lots of other languages.