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Josh delivering lighting talk at PSHSummit22

About me

I am a senior principal engineer with 18 years of experience in "figuring things out" in technical support, IT, management, and software engineering roles at Milestone Systems, a leading global video management systems software vendor.

After discovering the joy of using PowerShell in 2019, building MilestonePSTools, a commercial module for managing and automating Milestone XProtect software with PowerShell, connecting with members of the PowerShell & DevOps communities, and a little arm-twisting, I delivered my first public session at the PowerShell + DevOps Global Summit in April of '24 titled "Building Beautiful Documentation".

I can be found on Mastodon, Twitter, GitHub, and LinkIn as @joshooaj and I am always happy to make time for conferences, user groups, and members of the community who also made time for me.

~ Josh