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My name is Josh, and I'm a software engineer. My career began in 2006 providing application support for Milestone Systems, one of the world's leading Video Management Software (VMS) vendors, and I'm currently a "Senior Principal Support Engineer" for the same company.

In my role today, I enjoy building tools like MilestonePSTools to enable our teams and our customers to scale, and take advantage of Milestone's open platform and SDK with zero "traditional" software development experience.

This blog is a place for me to share technical notes, guides, articles, and whatever else my heart desires. The information shared here represents my own thoughts, opinions, and experiences, and does not represent the opinions, positions, ideology, or any other characteristic of my employer or colleagues.

Most of what I share here will relate to PowerShell and .NET software development, especially as it relates to Milestone XProtect VMS products.